Hemorrhoids Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Hemorrhoid Facts

Millions of people suffer the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids each year, with only a fraction of them actually seeking medical help.

Hemorrhoids usually affects men and women above the age of 50, but it can strike at any point in your lifetime.

It's important to rule out serious health conditions that can cause similar symptoms in the rectal area, such as Crohn's Disease or Colon Cancer.

What Are The Main Hemorrhoids Causes?

There are a number of hemorrhoids causes that have been identified, although the exact reason for the development of this condition is still unknown. As such, there are steps you can take to avoid the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoid flare-ups.

Hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins in the anal area, either internal or external, that can cause minor discomfort in some cases, and severe pain in others.

Some of the more common hemorrhoid causes are excessive straining during bowel movements or sitting on the toilet for extended periods of time. A quick fix is to avoid straining and limiting the amount of time you spend on the toilet.

Constipation and diarrhea are also hemorrhoids causes, and can also make an exisiting condition worse. Many women develop hemorrhoids during the later stages of pregnancy.

It's important to have a medical exam to rule out other, more serious hemorrhoid causes such as Crohn's Disease and colorectal cancer. If the bleeding is a result of one of these diseases, the sooner you begin treatment the better off you will be.

Now that you know the various hemorrhoids causes, it's important to learn about the various treatment options you have.

Many conventional options such as Preparation H and other topical ointments can be helpful, but they only mask the problem and do not address the underlying hemorrhoid causes.

As such, you might want to try one of the newer treatment options such as H Miracle which is an all natural option that can not only treat painful symptoms but also prevent future flare-ups.

Knowing what causes hemorrhoids can help you avoid the condition, but it does not guarantee that you won't experience them at some point in your life. They are very common, but fortunately they can be managed effectively with the right treatment protocol.

If you do experience any abnormal burning, itching or pain in the anal area, have your doctor take a look to determine the hemorrhoid causes and how you can keep it under control.

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